Refinancing Properties: Do yourself a favour and check around for the best rates.

Hey friends, ever went to the bank to refinance a property and the bank manager says, “ this is the best I can do” or, better yet, he/she says, “let me check with my supervisor and we’ll see where we’re at” only for them to come back with the same number.

Well this happened to me recently and, this time, I thought I’d at least get a second opinion. I’ve been a real estate investor for 12 years now and I’ve been with the same bank for all my deals. Lot’s of deals! I always just assumed I was getting the best rates. Hey, the commercial banker and I are buds. Of course I would be getting the best rates. I’ve been doing business with these guys for 12 years. I’m their best client for god’s sakes! Hmmmm. I know what you’re thinking, oh no. Yup, you’re right.

I thought, this time, I’d get a second opinion and go check out the credit union down the street. They picked up a mortgage from me a couple of years ago and, well, who knows. It’s worth a look. I got the rate. It was a full percentage point different for 5 years and not 1 year like the other guy wanted to give me! What the hell! I felt like an idiot and I was pissed at the other bank now.

I calmly went to the other bank and showed him the better rate and, sure enough, he went into this long winded story about the other guy buying my business, we gotta work harder for you, you mean a lot to us… blah blah blah…… to make a long story short, they gave me the rate and the 5 year term.

Do yourself a favour, check with other banks for the best rates. It takes literally no effort and could save you thousands and I mean thousands of dollars.

This one transaction will save me 40 grand over 5 years.

I almost want to barf thinking of the money I would have lost. Truthfully, I’ve been overpaying by about a half a point for 12 years now but the gravy train is pulling out. Do yourself a favour and check around for the best rates. Your kids will thank you.