"Enriching lives and neighbourhoods, one property at a time."

About Dan Desveaux

Dan Desveaux is a true Canadian success story. With only a $2500 down payment, he bought his first Rent To Own property. In 12 short years, working as a part-time investor, he has accumulated millions in property and made thousands for his investors. Through a combination of strategic buys and sheer tenacity, he has succeeded against all odds. His philosophy is simple, build a great team, believe in yourself and never give up.

My name is Dan Desveaux and I am a professional real estate investor in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I make a living by investing in real estate and providing opportunities for real estate joint ventures.

I provide passive opportunities for real estate investment. This helps the average person avoid the headache and hassle of becoming a full-time real estate investor but still take advantage of the opportunities available in Real Estate Investment. Most Real Estate investors have to:

1) Find a cash-flowing property
2) Negotiate a good deal
3) Renovate the property and manage contractors
4) Market the property and find tenants
5) Screen bad tenants
6) Sign an ongoing lease with the tenants and provide 24/7 support and customer service.
7) Hope the tenants don’t wreck all the renovations and stay long enough for all the work to pay off.

Partnering with me means you are partnering with an expert in the field. You will have piece of mind knowing that my team is working hard to provide you with a solid return. We also guarantee 10% on most deals, so you know your money is safe.

If you are interested in having coffee or lunch to see if my team can provide a Real Estate Joint Venture that is right for you, please contact my team here.


Dan Desveaux